farmer's market gift ideas

Gift Guide: Farmer’s Market Lover

One of my favorite things to do is visit the Farmer’s Market on the weekend. To me, there is something romantic about strolling the isles of flowers and fresh produce. Plus, who doesn’t love a free sample here and there? Now that we have kids, it adds a whole other level of fun to doing our weekly shopping. I don’t think there is anything better than watching your two year old dance around to the musicians and eat FRUIT… I mean, why won’t he eat fruit at home? I don’t know. There really must be something magical about the Farmer’s Market if it can get toddlers to eat something other than cheese and carbs, right? Anyways, I know I am not alone in my joy for fresh produce and having the opportunity to get to know your growers so this round-up is for all my fellow weekly market lovers…

farmer's market gift ideas

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1. Wide Brim Straw Hat: A hat is a gift of not only style but function. Sun protection is SO important, and with such a good looking hat, it will be easy to remember to wear it when out-and-about.

2. Goa Salad Servers: I am honestly OBSESSED with these out-of-control beautiful salad servers. I mean, I had no idea I could actually fall so hard for a utensil, but it’s happened. Aren’t they so pretty?! And they are handcrafted in Portugal by a family-owned business. Love!

3. Fair Trade Bolga Market Basket: A staple for any Farmer’s Market trip, the Bolga Market Basket is the perfect way to stylishly gather all of your produce.

4. Market Wagon: Making a beeline to the farmers’ market, Wagon No.3 is the tall flexible sibling of the pack. Perfect for easy toting, the canvas grocery bag is removable and becomes a backpack for those lighter loads.

5. Wooden Egg Holder: Fresh eggs are always such a treat. When coming home from the market, there is no prettier way to display them in your fridge than with this gorgeous wooden egg holder. Maybe it’s not good for the environment though since I’d want to keep opening the refrigerator to see it sitting pretty in there. Ha.

6. Flower Market Canvas Tote: I always have such a hard carrying and trying to transport my flowers home from the market (they can be so awkward, right)? This open-ended tote is the ideal vehicle for carrying delicate flowers (plus, it’s so pretty full of flowers too).

7. Reusable Mesh Produce Bags: These reusable mesh produce bags can safely hold all your fresh produce, fruits and veggies as they are BPA Free. The set comes in three sizes to accommodate different size fruits and veggies – nine bags in total.

8. Market List Pad: How cute is this little market list shopping notepad by Rifle Paper Co.? Plus it comes with an attachable magnet, so you can keep your shopping list in plain sight.

9. Heath Ceramics Bud Vase: I have this exact bud vase and use it all the time. I actually have it in five different colors – that’s how awesome it is. I’ve also given them a number of times as gifts. It’s such an elegant and timeless piece that displays flowers beautifully.

10. Glass Herb Keeper: Save the Herbs! It’s the worst when you buy fresh herbs and then they go to waste so quickly! This container helps keep herbs fresh and green up to two weeks longer with this smart system designed to fit on a refrigerator shelf or door. Plus, it’s great for asparagus too.

11. Cooking from the Farmers’ Market Cookbook: This essential guide to produce illuminates how to identify, select, and prepare over 100 types of fruits and vegetables fresh from the market, with more than 245 recipes, including one for each ingredient.

12. Kale Sweatshirt: I have this sweatshirt and it is my go-to item. It makes me laugh every time I wear it, but also looks great when out and about. I get so many compliments on it, and it’s for sure a conversation starter at the market.  Plus, it’s unisex and looks great on guys too.

13. Market Money Pouch: I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Farmer’s Market that accepts credit cards, and I am not someone to normally carry cash. This little pouch is so great because I can just keep my cash in it from week to week and I don’t have to worry about not having money with me when I get to the market. Depending upon who you’re gifting it to, you could also put some surprise cash in it for an extra surprise.

14. Stainless Steel Lunchbox: The Farmer’s Market doesn’t just have great produce. It also has wonderful prepared foods and food trucks as well. Bringing along a container, such as these, is a great way to pack up a dinner for that night and bring it home to enjoy later.

15. Ceramic Berry Basket: The market-stand berry box is reimagined in white porcelain as a charming, functional kitchen accent. Not only does it look great, it’s also very useful for storing and for any loose fruits or vegetables while also extending the life of the produce by allowing air to flow through.


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