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Gift Guide: The Surfer

My dad has always been a big surfer. He grew up surfing in Santa Monica and Malibu in the 1950s and 1960s and continues to surf to this day in his 70s. I grew up surfing with him, although I would by no means say I am a surfer. The water off the coast of Northern California has always been too cold for me (even with a wetsuit, booties, and hood). I am 100% a warm water girl – so as a kid, I often times ended up back on the beach drinking tea, building sand castles and watching my dad catch waves. I’ve gone on my fair share of surf trips and dated some surfer boys back in my day (and have bought a lot of surf gifts in my time). Although that is all behind me now, the beach is still one of my favorite places in the world. There is really nothing like watching people out on their boards, taking in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of the waves. It is truly my happy place. After years of watching my dad surf and giving endless surf gifts, I had a blast putting this guide together. It is sure to make any surfer on your list stoaked.

Surf Gift Ideas

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1. Yeti Soft Cooler: With a great design and awesome reputation, this leakproof, portable, ultra-durable soft-sided cooler is bound to make anyone stoked to receive it as a gift. It’s puncture-resistant, totally leakproof, and ready for whatever. (It can even be used as a dry bag).

2. Casio G-Shock Frogman Watch: This is a super cool solar-powered, 200M Water Resistant watch with direction, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature, tide graph and moon phases. Yeah, like I said, super cool and named as one of the Best Surf Watches in the World by Surfer Today.

3. Surf Wax Bag: Not actually a surf wax bag, this cute cosmetic case is perfectly sized to fit in any handbag or purse.

4. Sex Wax: Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax is an iconic American brand of surf wax known throughout the world for its consistent quality. Zog’s Original brand goes on smoothly, making it ideal as a base. Available in four water temperatures; Cold, Cool, Warm, and Tropical, it can be used for both base and top coats. (And a great stocking stuffer idea!)

5. Patagonia Stormfront® Pack: Providing the highest level of waterproof protection in a pack, this 100% waterproof gear hauler features welded construction, a burly TIZIP® closure, and an ergonomic back panel and shoulder harness for comfortable carrying.

6. A Brief History of Surfing: Matt Warshaw knows more about surfing than any other person on the planet, as evidenced by The History of Surfing, Warshaw’s definitive take on the sport. Now, he has honed that book into an abridged and excerpted edition for surfers everywhere.

7. Sun Bum Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50: This premium, mineral based sunscreen is specifically designed to offer the very best broad spectrum protection to those who work and play hard in the sun. It will never bleed into your eyes, never make your hands slippery, and won’t come off during the most rigorous activities in the water, wind, or blazing hot sun. Sun Bum’s Signature line is used and trusted by many lifeguard and beach rescue organizations throughout the U.S., including the Hawaiian Water Patrol, the North Shore Lifeguard Association, and the Eastern Surfing Association.

8. Surfmud Tinted Covering Cream: Surfmud is a natural zinc-based tinted covering cream – made by surfers, for surfers. It contains 30% zinc oxide (non-nano). Zinc oxide is nonirritating, non-allergenic and non-comedogenic, and is made to stay on and hold up under the harshest conditions.

9. Rinse Hanger: This wetsuit hanger has rinse capabilities and aids in fast drying and air circulation so no cold damp wetsuits in the morning or moldy smells (which is always nice).

10. Surfears™ Ear Plugs: Designed for surfers, swimmers, and other water athletes, SurfEars™ protect ears without affecting hearing and balance. Blocking out water, cold air, dirt bacteria, SurfEars™ help prevent ear inflammation (swimmer’s ear) and abnormal bone growth in the ear canal (surfer’s ear). SurfEars™ let so much sound through its easy to forget you’re wearing ear protection!

11. Patagonia Men’s Scallop Wavefarer® Boardshorts: A stretchy, scalloped-seam version of Patagonia’s tried-and-true Wavefarer® Boardshorts; these boardshorts are built from durable and quick-drying 96% nylon (62% recycled) / 4% spandex with a durable water repellent finish and 50+ UPF sun protection. Fair Trade Certified™ sewing.

12. Rainbow Double Layer Leather Sandals: Rainbows are the only flip flops I will ever need to own. They are created by hand and are extremely well constructed. I bought my current pair in 2007 and they are still going strong (I had one pair before that that lasted years as well). It’s takes a little bit of time to break them in, but once you do, they are comfortable, durable and you’ll want to live in them forever. Here is the link to the women’s version too.

13. Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band: Designed for beachgoers, swimmers and surfers, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species. “Wait, what?” you’re saying. Yes, you heard right. Designed to be worn on the wrist or ankle, Sharkbanz are lightweight and comfortable, and do not affect ocean sport performance. One size fits all for children ages 5+ to adults. You can bet I’ll be wearing one next time I go in the water. If only this had been around when I was a kid!

14. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life: I got this book for my dad last year for his birthday. He had purchased it two days before and had finished it by the time I gave him his copy. He said it was fantastic, and the reviewers agree. Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Autobiography, this New York Times Bestseller is a must for any surfer. 

15. Giant Aloha Towel: Sometimes it’s just nice to have a new beach towel. And it’s even nicer when it’s oversized.

16. Surfboard Bike Rack: This rack works with all types of bikes, and installation is fast and simple. Whether it’s a Beach Cruiser, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, or BMX Bike, all you need to do is clamp the rack to the seatpost and away you go.

17. Women Who Surf: Charging Waves with the World’s Best: Mavericks and more, a celebration of feminine beauty, athleticism, wisdom, and skill when the surf is bombing – Women Who Surf profiles some of the world’s most inspiring female surfers ranging from Bethany Hamilton to Wrenna Delgado. 

18. Amazing Waves: The Beauty of Waves And An Appreciation of SurfAmazing Waves is a stunning coffee-table book of photographs that capture the beauty and majesty of ocean waves. This breathtaking volume is a collection of the best work by 20 of the world’s top surf photographer’s.

19. The Swurfer Tree Swing: The Swurfer, a handcrafted, American-Made, maple swing is designed for soaring through the air like a surfer on the waves. For adults and kids ages 6 and up, the Swurfer’s can support up to 200 lbs and includes plenty of high-strength rope that is UV and mildew resistant. The Swurfer is a carefree way to build your core and perfect your balance while swinging your cares away.

20. The Surfing Animals Alphabet Book: With this book, your little can work on their ABCs and get stoked on surfing at the same time.

21. Surf Wax Soy Candle: Made in Southern California, this candle has hints of pineapple and coconut, reminiscent of suntan lotion and surf wax and will have your home smelling like summer all year long.

22. Wetsuit Change Mat: This the perfect change mat to avoid sand and dirt on your wetsuit. It has four-way action drawstrings, and can store wet wetsuits while in your car.


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