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Gift Guide: The Hostess

A hostess gift is always an appreciated gesture. Coming up with a thoughtful gift that isn’t too expensive is hard to do, especially when we all have so much going on day to day (right?). So more often than not, we turn to a trusted and easy go-to bottle of wine. I mean, there is nothing wrong with a bottle of wine. Sometimes it’s just fun to think outside the box (or bottle) and do something different. Here are some different hostess gift ideas that will be both appreciated and put to good use.

hostess gift ideas

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1. Milk Bottle Match Striker: Wheel thrown in Vermont, this handy little piece allows you to strike matches directly on the specially-blended stoneware. Complete with matches, it is ready to be gifted.

2. Claus Porto Guest Soap: How lovely, and colorful, is this darling collection of 15 hand soaps? Such a perfect hostess gift all wrapped up in a charming little box.

3. Olivewood Salt Keeper: I absolutely adore this salt keeper. I received one as a gift at my bridal shower and have used it every day since (actually, multiple times a day if I’m being honest – I put salt on almost everything). It’s great to use for cooking in the kitchen or when eating at the dining table (which is where we keep ours).

4. Maldon Sea Salt: Maldon has been around for over 135 years and is loved by chefs and shoppers the world over. A perfect hostess gift for any home chef or foodie. This would be great to pair with the Olivewood Salt Keeper or excellent given on its own as well.

5. The Kinfolk Table: I love this book. I’ve read it cover to cover (more than once) and have at least 30 post-it notes in it marking all of the recipes I want to make. I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but have very much enjoyed the few I have had a chance to prepare. The photos are so gorgeous, it could equally be used as a coffee table book.

6. Spice Grinder Set: These might be some of the prettiest salt and pepper grinders I’ve ever seen. And on top of being such a looker, the ceramic grinder is located on the top and does not spill on the table (genius). Smart and sexy – if only we could all be this put together in one package. These are by far the most expensive item on this list, but sometimes an occasion calls for spending a little bit more, right?

7. Fresh Sweet Bay Laurel Leaves: Grown on a small farm in Northern California, these intensely aromatic fresh bay laurel leaves can transform a meal. They stand out because they’re as fresh as you can get: Branches are cut to order, gathered into a bunch and wrapped with twine, and shipped within 24 hours or less of cutting. That doesn’t mean all of the leaves need to be used immediately, though: They can be hung or placed in a basket to gradually air dry.

8. Glass Candlestick Holder: This small, glass candlestick holder from a French manufacturer is a simple and chic way to display taper candles, and illuminate any table. Give a set of two (and maybe even add a pair of taper candles) and you’ve got yourself a perfectly elegant gift.

9. Wine Gummies Trio: You may be tired of giving a bottle of wine as a hostess gift, but this trio of wine gummies is sure to be a unique (and yummy) change.

10. Cire Trudon Scented Matches: This is not your typical set of matches. They come delicately perfumed and beautifully packaged in an illustrated matchbox. At Cire Trudon, matches are an essential part of the ritual. If the box is left slightly open, they will slightly scent, in their sleep, a drawer, a cupboard or a study.

11. Brass Coaster Set: Made from solid brass and hand-finished in our factory, these coasters have a natural living finish that will evolve and darken with use. Lightly coated with wax and featuring a cork base, they will age beautifully into a one-of-a-kind vintage set.

12. Ribbed Bud Vase: This gently tapered, tinted porcelain bud vase with hand-carved lines comes in eight color options and are made to order.

13. MarieBelle Hot and Ice Chocolate Gift Set: Headed up to the mountains to stay with friends at their ski cabin? This would make the perfect gift and would be oh-so-cozy to sip next to a roaring fire after a long day of on the slopes.

14. Black Fig Soy CandleMysterious and compelling, Black Fig infuses bright evergreen top notes with a heart of spice clove and tobacco. Calming lavender and sweet mission fig complement earthy patchouli and forest moss, lending a sense of rugged sophistication

15. Woven Cane Napkin Rings: No better way to class up a dinner than with napkin rings—it makes everything feel infinitely more pulled together (even if your tablecloth is slightly stained and you ran out of matching forks).

What are other hostess gifts that you’ve enjoyed giving (or receiving)?


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