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Gift Guide: The Golfer

Being married to a golf lover who works in the industry, I am regularly on the hunt for great golf gift ideas. After six years together, I have given my fair share of golf gifts, but the search will be an endless one with a lifetime of love (and gift giving) ahead of us. I constantly have an eye out for unique and interesting items that can wow someone who spends day-in and day-out on the course. Below are some of my favorites, many of which I have given (or my husband has asked for on his wish list).

golf gift ideas

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1. Leather Golf Shoe Bag: Once a day on the links has come to an end, and your shoes have been cleaned and are ready to go, where do you store them? How about somewhere with style? And an added bonus – the bag can be monogrammed.

2. Bottle Opener Ball Marker: The first ever bottle opener ball mark. An innovation driven by absolute need. Each ball mark is heated to 2000 degrees, hand hammered and finished on the wheel by second generation blacksmiths in Portland, Oregon.

3  /  4: “Birdie Golf Shoe and “Bogey” Golf Ball Art Prints: A tribute to ordinary objects honors the beauty of their quirks and imperfections.

5. Crossed Clubs Needlepoint Flask: The Smathers and Branson 6oz stainless steel needlepoint flask is sure to get the party started (or keep it going) with style. Thier signature needlepoint is trimmed with full grain leather and is permanently fixed around the flask. There is not a better accessory for your back pocket.

6. Glacier National Park Carry All Bag: Glacier National Park Carry-All Bag holds everything from a bottle of wine to a dozen balls with space to spare. At the base, the Glacier fabric is paired with durable, Tan Waxed Canvas for added structure and an air of old-world style. Each carry-all bag is hand cut and sewn in-house.

7. Glacier National Park Golf Towel: The Glacier National Park iconic blanket-inspired golf towel is luxurious, absorbent and effective for cleaning your blades.

8. Golf Trunk Organizer: The Callaway Golf Trunk Locker is perfect for organizing a car trunk or locker. It features easy-access storage compartments with rigid wall dividers and easy-pull zippers. The shoe compartment has mesh for ventilation. Collapses flat for easy storage.

9. Golf Cuff Links: Tonal golf clubs add a hint of course-ready refinement to these polished, round cuff links.

10. Needlepoint Can Cooler: Keeping golf enthusiasts drinks cold on a hot summer day, this charming can cooler combines 100% hand-stitched needlepoint with an Italian, full grain leather exterior and neoprene liner. Can you dress your drink up any better?

11. The Story of American Golf (1954, 1956, 1975): Herbert Warren Wind’s masterpiece, The Story of American Golf, is one of the great books in golf. First published in 1948, Wind’s most cohesive work traced American golf from its earliest stirrings in Yonkers, New York, in 1888. He updated the book in 1956 and again in 1975, nearly doubling its size. The Story of American Golf is just that—a great story. You can’t put it down even though you know how it all turns out.

12. Hints on the Game of Golf (1886): This is a seminal book in the library of golf, being the first mass-produced book of instruction. This is not a dry, club-by-club instructional like so many modern offerings. Spirited and informal, it is part description, part admonishment, part scientific treatise, and part recitation of the truisms from the ancient game.

13. Golf Cart Needlepoint Sunglass Strap: I mean, how fantastic is this golf cart sunglass strap. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves golf (and wears sunglasses, of course).

14. The Golfer’s Journal Subscription: The Golfer’s Journal is a premium quarterly offering an entirely new way to enjoy and deepen your appreciation of the game. It’s a media experience that is commercially quiet, editorially pure, and unmatched in its elegant design and physical construction.

15. Golf Cookie Gift Set: Below par might sound great in golf but never in cookies. Eleni’s quality is country-club worthy for both tee time and tea time. And I have to say, these cookies are truly delicious!

16. Crossed Clubs Hat: This crossed golf clubs00% hand stitched needlepoint hat is perfect both on and off the green.

17. Make Par, Not War Water Bottle: Produced by the bottle maestros at Takeya, the Make Par, Not War water bottle is double walled to keep your drink hot or cold for 24 hours. It has a 32 oz capacity to keep you properly hydrated all day.

18. Monogram Five Piece Decanter SetA single initial monogram adds a custom touch to a golf decanter set perfect for pre- or post-round drinks.

19. Golf Print Silk Pocket Square: A charming golf print defines a smart Italian pocket square cut from pure silk by Salvatore Ferragamo.


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