breakup gift ideas

Gift Guide: The Heartbroken Gal

Breakups are rough. And boy, have we all been there. Time is really the only thing that can heal a broken heart, but love from friends and family can go a long way. If you’re looking for some thoughtful breakup gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. From self-care gifts to comfort food, retreats to gifts with a sense of humor, it’s about finding the right gift that will soothe your friend and remind them that they are, indeed, loved.

breakup gift ideas

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1. Lollia Dream Bubble Bath: I believe there are true healing powers in a long hot bubble bath (perhaps paired with a good cry and a cup of tea – or something stronger).

2. Renew Breakup Bootcamp: Sometimes trying to get over someone on your own just isn’t enough. That’s where the Renew Breakup Bootcamp comes in. This weekend retreat held in both Upstate New York and Malibu includes sessions led by the top psychologists, behavioral scientists, coaches, energy healers and meditation teachers. Check out this New York Times article on it as well.

3. Calming Tea: A mélange of Egyptian chamomile, fruit, and herbs, a good calming cup of tea can do wonders.

4. ‘Emotional Baggage’ Tote: Through all of the heartache, it’s important not to lose your sense of humor.

5. Cashmere Hot Water Bottle: When I lived in England, I started using hot water bottles and I am still totally addicted. Sometimes having something warm to hold onto can be so soothing.

6. Cashmere Blend Reversible Throw: There is nothing better when mending a broken heart than wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket, sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching romcoms with girlfriends. It’s a true healer.

7. ‘You Are Loved’ Pocket Coin: Just a sweet little pocket reminder that ‘You Are Loved.’

8. Cosabella Thong: Never underestimate the power of a sexy new pair of underwear.

9. Fade to Black Herbal Tincture: Give sleepless nights a long kiss goodbye and Fade to Black. Designed to combat even the toughest struggles with stress, anxiety, racing thoughts, and tossing and turning, Fade to Black is a powerful alternative to sleep meds.

10. Chocolate Understands Pouch: Yup, sometimes chocolate really does understand – and is the only thing that can make you feel better. Am I right?

11. Fran’s Grey Salt Caramel Chocolates: I think these might be some of my favorite chocolates in the world. I really feel like they could solve a lot of world problems – they’re that good.

12. Paper Voodoo Note Pad: Most of us have far more than one individual in our lives who requires a blessing or a hex – hence the practicality of a multiple-sheet pad! Exes, watch out!

13. ‘Let It Go’ Balloon: This is a darling gift to include in a card for a heartbroken friend. Head to the park and release it to the winds – sometimes being a bit ceremonious during a breakup can really help.

14. Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set: Burn those old sheets (ok, actually recycle them responsibly) – but burn them metaphorically and buy yourself (or a heartbroken friend) a new set of sheets to start each day fresh without the reminder of whatever-his-name-is having ever been in your bed.

15. ‘Know Your Own Happiness’ Notebook: Journaling can be a powerful tool in the healing process. With Jane Austin’s quote “Know Your Own Happiness” on the cover, it is a good reminder of self-love when finding one’s way through challenging times.

16. May The Bridges I Burn…Catchall Tray: With this catchall tray placed on a foyer table for keys, coins etc. it is a great reminder every time you come and go from home that the challenges you are going through now are lighting the way to your brighter future.


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