About Us

Hi! I’m Julia Rockwell. I started GIFTED gift guide with the vision of creating an all-inclusive gift blog that inspired thoughtful giving while helping people find gifts with ease.

After a twelve year career as an event planner, five of which included sourcing corporate gifts, I quit my “day job” in 2016 to be a stay at home mom. I had produced corporate events, incentive trips, openings, galas, trade shows, fashion shows, auctions, parties, weddings, flash mobs (and more) across the U.S. and in London but with the birth of my first son, it was clear that I wanted (and needed) a change. I continued to produce weddings and events part-time on the side until 2018 when I started GIFTED.

I live in San Francisco, CA with my husband, Carter, and our growing family. Life is hectic but oh-so wonderful.

Some of my favorite things include sourcing gifts (obviously!), dancing, dark chocolate, baking, yoga, the beach, reading, traveling the world, interior design, and spending time with my family.

Please feel free to email me anytime at hello@giftedgiftguide.com, or follow me on Instagram, FacebookPinterest, or through our hashtag #giftedgiftguide.

Thank you so much for reading!


Q&A with Julia

How do I find the perfect gift?
My suggestion would be to close your eyes and think of one thing your recipient really loves or a life event they are about to go through… Golden retrievers? Yoga? Italy? Do they travel a lot for work? Always lose things? Are they headed off to college? Just got promoted? Now you have a clear idea of where to start. We have highly curated gift guides to help you find the present that is perfect for, well… anyone. Remember when you closed your eyes and thought of one thing they really loved? Well, you can click on your recipient’s interest above (or upcoming occasion, personality etc.) and peruse away. We try and get pretty specific with our gift guides to help you find something that truly reflects your recipient’s interest or occasion.

What do you think makes a good gift?
I think the number one thing that makes a gift great is thoughtfulness. A good gift can make someone feel heard, understood, thought of, cared for… It doesn’t have to cost money. A card telling someone how you truly feel about them can be worth its weight in gold. Helping a new mom with loads of laundry can be a wonderful and unexpected present. Gifts come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. At GIFTED, our curated guides are developed to help you sort through the endless amount of stuff that’s out there to help you find a gift that makes your recipient feel acknowledged for who they truly are.

Talk about your philosophy of giving with purpose.
I believe that the act of giving can be very powerful. We have the ability to give our time and love which are some of the most powerful tools we have. On occasion, we also have the opportunity to give tangible gifts. Personally, I get overwhelmed by clutter and things. I have always been very specific and deliberate about what I bring into my home. I feel that having less, and only keeping things I truly love and use, is essential for my overall happiness. I think when you really take the time to think about who you are giving a gift too, it helps cut down on the volume of unwanted things we all have in our home – which to me is very important. By giving with purpose, we reduce the chance of just giving stuff for stuff’s sake, which can actually be transformative in people’s lives.

How do you choose what to buy as gifts for the people in your life?
Throughout the year, I keep a running list on my phone with gift ideas for people. If someone says “Oh, man. I really like your salad tongs.”  I write it down. {True story.} That way, when it comes time to buy a gift, I have an easy go-to list. Sometimes, however, there are people I need to buy gifts for that I don’t have on my list – like coworkers for example. In those cases, I try and think about one thing they love (dogs, manicures, golf, mountain climbing, Paris, an upcoming vacation) and I look for something that fits their interest.

What gave you the idea to start GIFTED?
GIFTED was a vision I had for a number of years. I have always had people coming to me asking what gift they should get their friend, boss, boyfriend etc. so the idea just kind of grew organically from that. I remember one day, years ago, at work, I had a coworker ask me what she should get her friend for her birthday. Her friend always bought her expensive gifts but she didn’t have a huge budget to reciprocate. I asked a few things about the friend’s interests – turns out she was a yoga instructor who was always traveling to teach yoga retreats in exotic beach locations. Within 10 minutes, I had a list of 8-10 items within her budget that I felt would be a perfect match for her friend. My coworker was blown away and purchased two of the items immediately. They felt “high end” without breaking the bank, matched her friend’s beach and jet-setting lifestyle while also feeling thoughtful and personal. It was moments like these, time and time again, that got me thinking – maybe I can help people find thoughtful gifts on a larger scale. And thus, the idea for GIFTED was born.

What is the best gift you have ever received?
About two months before I met Carter (my husband), I moved into a new apartment in the Mission District of San Francisco. I was still working on decorating my new place but had a very clear vision of the pieces I needed to finish furnishing it. Anyone who knows me knows, I LOVE interior design and am very particular about what I bring into my space. On one of our first dates, Carter came to pick me up. I gave him a quick tour of my apartment, and since it wasn’t totally furnished at that point, I filled him in on what pieces I was hoping would go where. One item I had been researching was a vintage map to go in my bedroom above my dresser. I still hadn’t found the right one, and just mentioned it in passing on the tour. A few weeks later was my birthday. Carter showed up with the perfect map – exactly what I had been envisioning. Actually, it was even better then I had imagined (and did I mention we hadn’t even been dating a month?). It was as if he had crawled inside my brain and seen exactly what I was thinking. I was blown away. And as a cherry on top, he had gotten it custom framed. I had known pretty immediately upon meeting him that he was a keeper and this just confirmed it.